It’s not necessarily the PR’s or the end finish time but the journey to the start line.  All Trust The Plan athletes will receive individual coaching, instruction, working up to your Goal A race for your season.  With careful consideration of the BALANCE you need in life of family, profession and sport, we will build out a comprehensive schedule that complements your everyday life.  Schedules will be sent out each Sunday, after consulting on how your previous week was.  Upon sending, you and I will talk briefly to review the schedule for any questions or adjustments might need made.

Individual Analysis

Practice doesn’t always make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect.  Through video analysis, coach and athlete will analysis form for each sport and make muscle adjustments to better make the athlete efficient when performing.  The slight adjustment of relaxed shoulders when you run; the identification of the catch when starting you swim stroke underwater, will help the athlete move from training sessions to get the most out of the workout.  Once reviewing the video and talking through the adjustments, drills to help correct or make stronger the form for each sport, will be incorporated into weekly sessions.